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Additionally, our proprietary virtual replenishment program for primary account holders eliminates a 340B core issue at the store level and integrates inventory seamlessly into your existing operation.  The goal is always the same, to add value to your business.

What we offer:
    Education & Consulting
    Unique Proprietary Inventory Management Solution
    Financial Modeling and Analytics
    Contract Review
    340B Expertise & ResourcesType your paragraph here.

For Covered Entities:

Value Drug Company is a full line 340B drug wholesaler providing prescription drug products to Covered Entities and Contract Pharmacies alike. With innovative products and flexibility, we are able to work with the needs of a Covered Entity to facilitate continuity and ease of the 340B program while offering support within the ever-changing 340B regulatory environment. Value Drug Company strives to be a leader at the forefront of an integral supply chain that promotes continuing service to the needs of your patients and expanding access to prescription medications.

What we offer:
    Complete Line of 340B Products
    Education & Consulting
    340B Regulatory & Compliance Expertise
    Flexibility & Choice

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For Pharmacies:

Value Drug Company takes a consultative approach to navigating the complexities associated with participating in the 340B program as a Contract Pharmacy. We understand the operational and financial nuances that come with the 340B program and most importantly how they affect an Independent Community Pharmacy. Understanding the benefits that 340B can bring is critical to its success. At Value Drug we offer unique services tailored to Independent Pharmacies and seek out opportunities for growth and expansion of the 340B pharmacy network as well as cultivating the program at the store level for long-lasting sustainability through coordination and cooperation with Covered Entities to add-on services like Specialty Pharmacy.

Value Drug Company is committed to bringing clarity to the 340B Program and we’ve added resources to help you maximize the benefits it can bring to your pharmacy.

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