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The Trade Relations team is dedicated to fostering the success and growth of the businesses of our members. Let the benefit of their knowledge, professionalism and guidance build your organization!


Our executive management team is comprised of experienced professionals with strategic, creative and technical talents.  They are committed to the success of the partners and to the staff of this organization. 

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Finally, a full line wholesaler that works for you!


The Value Drug Board of Directors, chaired by Rody Tibbott, are all member pharmacist-owner themselves, who understand independent ownership and community pharmacy making them the practical voice for the membership.

Value Drug Company wholesale pharmaceutical company is a cooperative operating as a full line distributor for independent pharmacies carrying pharmaceuticals and health-related products. 


Currently comprised of 15 states, our service area is continually expanding.Contact us to become a member of one of the industry's top rated independent wholesalers and begin adding profits to your bottom line.