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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is filling the medication? Who receives the reimbursement?

You! The retail pharmacy will purchase, fill, adjudicate and receive the reimbursement from the patient and insurance for all prescriptions. The purpose of CP Specialty is to give Value Drug retail pharmacies access to Specialty Pharmacy-like services that other retail pharmacies currently do not have. The goal is to provide the tools for your retail pharmacy to take the first opportunity at filling and dispensing the medications that you are allowed to fill and be able to provide the tools and support necessary to maintain the services required for specialty medications, patients and prescribers.

Is CP Specialty Services replacing Value Specialty Pharmacy?

No. VSP will continue to support the Value Drug Care Site the same way it always has. If you cannot fill the prescription at your location for ANY reason, send the prescription to VSP and they will handle it and so with it what is required, all the while keeping you, the patient and prescriber in the loop on what is happening with the prescription.

I understand Prior Authorization assistance, but my own staff can do that.
​What more do I get from CP Specialty that I can't already provide to my patients and my prescribing community?

The Prior Authorization process for specialty therapy & medications can be complex and time consuming. Knowledge of the disease and therapy is required to navigate. When you request CP Specialty services, not only will they initiate the PA process with the provider office and if necessary inform you when submitted, they understand the complexities of the process, and will fully support the life of the prescription. Once the PA is approved and the claim adjudicated, the copay may be hundreds of dollars in some cases. CP Specialty will automatically research financial assistance for your patient if the copay is over $100. Simply inform CP Specialty of the copay and they will get started. Once dispensed, CP Specialty will remain in contact with your on your behalf with "welcome to therapy" calls and ongoing clinical support. All this time, both patient and provider are aware that YOUR pharmacy is providing making the pharmacy an essential clinical piece of the medical family.

Will CP Specialty help me access more payer networks?

Over time as you continue to provide excellent and specialized services to your patients as well as to the prescribers who write for them, opportunity may arise for inclusion in more payer network. You will have the tools to prove that you can care for patients and prescribers just the same as a specialty pharmacy which in turn may lead to more network access down the road.

CP Specialty Pharmacy Services FAQs .... listed below are some frequently asked questions about the service.  Additional material is available as well to help you successfully market your pharmacy and generate business.