In order to grow your business and remain relevant, Value Drug Company is excited

to provide you with options to stay competitive. Value Drug Company's new program

- ​CP Specialty Pharmacy Services™ - will enable you to utilize specialty pharmacy service options when receiving referrals from your local physicians and specialists 

often allowing you to dispense them.

This will help you gain more prescription processing potential and increase services that are valuable to prescribers. Our program provides community pharmacists the 

opportunity to utilize services provided by Avella, one of the largest independent specialty pharmacies today, at your pharmacy for a reasonable fee. Value Specialty Pharmacy (VSP) will continue to be your primary non-retail specialty pharmacy, just as it is today.

        "Because of the high costs associated with this growth in specialty drug use, pharmacists

        should know that effective medication therapy management will be an essential component of

        any strategic planning for population health."
                      - Pharmacy Times - "4 Pharma Market Trends to Watch in 2016"

Benefits of Enrolling:

- Prior Authorization processing
- Copay assistance and foundation research
- Welcome to therapy outreach to patients
- Clinical follow up and monitoring to ensure medication compliance and adherence

- 24/7 Pharmacist support for prescribers caregivers and patients

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CP Specialty Pharmacy SERVICES 

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CP Specialty Pharmacy Services™ is not a filling pharmacy but a resource available to you in order to offer the tools and clinical support that are expected for specialty pharmaceuticals today now at the local, community pharmacy level.

​​Finally, a full line wholesaler that works for you!

Specialty medications will become nearly 40% of all prescription drug spending in 2016.