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Value believes that this rating system is here to stay and we help our members to identify and embrace best practices of a five star pharmacy.  We have negotiated programs with partners such as:

EQuIPP – a score card tool that provides an understanding of where you stand today.  EQuIPP provides pharmacies a dashboard to track patient prescription data metrics identifying therapeutic areas with opportunities to improve Star Rating performance concerning critical measures focused on medication adherence and patient safety. 

PrescribeWellness – a service that helps pharmacies increase patient adherence and increase business.  PrescribeWellness’ software and services are designed to make it easier for retail pharmacies to identify their patients within therapeutic areas allowing pharmacists to target those patients who need to improve medication adherence or more effectively manage chronic diseases, positively impacting customer health outcomes while reducing overall costs to the health care system.

NCPAdiscounted membership that enables pharmacies to utilize educational programs, all directly helping improve star ratings.  Members have access to members-only business development advice and benefits that include everything from store efficiency, staff development and training, marketing, building consumer loyalty, lease negotiation and making sense of today's regulatory and business-related issues and your legislative voice on independent pharmacy issues.

As community pharmacy struggles to stay alive, the Star Ratings program developed by CMS offers opportunity for pharmacies to affect their standings and grow their business.