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One of the first pharmaceutical suppliers to offer a mobile app - Value Drug enables mobility for our members with the Hub Mobile application.  Users can employ the application on their idevice to place orders, check product availability, keep current with the latest Value news – all of the features of the ValueDrugHub® – as well as the enhanced feature of using the device camera or an add-on scanner to ensure accurate ordering and receiving.​ Members, email us for more information at mobilesupport@valuedrugco.com.


DEA's CSOS program allows for secure electronic controlled substances orders without the supporting paper DEA Form 222.  Using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology, CSOS requires that each individual purchaser enroll with DEA to acquire a CSOS digital certificate. The E-commerce support staff at Value Drug will assist Members in the acquisition and installation of the CSOS certificate giving them the functionality to digitally sign purchase orders placed through the HUB that include controlled substances.  CSOS subscribers will realize more timely and accurate DEA validation allowing for faster transactions and smaller inventories which leads to lower overall cost.


Value Drug Company has partnered with Inmar, a leading 3rd party returns processing company, to handle the processing of all outdated, expired and recalled product returns for Value Drug member pharmacies. Customers can also use the Value Drug Hub Returns Module to process returns to stock to the Value Drug Company warehouse.


The Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) establishes a national system for tracing pharmaceutical products through the supply chain and sets national licensing standards for wholesale distributors and third-party logistics providers.  In order to meet this requirement, Value Drug has partnered with TraceLink© to exchange, archive and retrieve compliance documents on demand through the TraceLink© online web portal, accessible to our member pharmacies.


To ensure the highest level of customer care, Value Drug maintains an advanced Customer Call Center that delivers excellent customer service ​on every call.  A state-of-the-art system receives and queues incoming calls based on multiple attributes and routes them to the appropriate resource ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.  Elements such as resource availability, wait time and call time and are tracked and scrutinized to measure performance and identify ​improvement opportunities.


Dynamic safeguards are in place in the order fulfillment system to detect and suspend questionable requests until the order can be authenticated.  Requests for excessive quantities, of abnormal frequency or that significantly differ from an established standard for controlled substances are flagged and the Compliance Department is automatically notified.


ValueDrugHub® is a complete ordering system accessible from any internet connected computer via a web browser for active customers. Value Drug Company’s product database is available real-time to the user and can be queried utilizing a number of search options. Orders can be created,  submitted and tracked throughout their lifecycle. Invoices can be viewed as needed at any time. 

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State of the art technology enables Value Drug Company to satisfy all of the needs of our customers while maintaining the quality and control essential to the pharmaceuticals supply chain industry.


High throughput order processing is handled using a cutting edge semi-automated stocking/picking system.  The mechanized container and carton handling system minimizes transit time throughout the warehouse to optimize the receipt to dispatch loop.  Ergonomic work stations and handheld devices enhance the efficiency and quality of the order fulfillment process performed by the warehouse staff.  The process is finalized by the automatic labeling and sealing of filled containers that are then palletized and accurately directed to the corresponding route.