Today, pharmacies must operate in an ever-changing regulatory environment such that maintaining compliance becomes an endless challenge. The growing number of regulations has led to an increase in penalties and fines, making audits and inspections critically important to your pharmacy’s success. Compliance is mandatory, and Value Drug has established partnerships with industry-leading service providers that enable our members to receive discounted pricing on programs that can be billed through Value Drug. From HIPAA and OSHA to immunizations and exclusion checks, the compliance services available to members help ensure pharmacies stay up-to-date and compliant with all insurance, state and federal regulations. By outsourcing compliance to a knowledgeable and experienced consulting company, you can focus more of your time on patients and growing your business.


Led by pharmacists with real independent pharmacy experience, PRS provides compliance consulting for pharmacy executives, owners and other professionals. From policies and procedures to quality assurance, PRS is a full-service company that meets all of your pharmacy’s compliance needs. PRS has extensive experience in all facets of pharmacy compliance, including HIPAA, OSHA, Fraud, Waste & Abuse, quality assurance, drug supply chain, I-9, pseudoephedrine, audits, immunizations, exclusion checks, and more.

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R.J. Hedges & Associates

R.J. Hedges supports independent pharmacies’ needs in an ever-changing regulatory environment through comprehensive healthcare compliance consulting services. No matter how small or large your pharmacy is, R.J. Hedges will ensure that your pharmacy remains up-to-date and compliant with insurance, state and federal requirements. R.J. Hedges offers turnkey, easy-to-follow solutions for accreditation, HIPAA, Medicare Part D, OSHA, compounding, Fraud, Waste & Abuse Prevention, immunizations, diabetic shoes, and more.

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Provided by Pharmacy First, the PF C.A.R.E.S. program helps keep pharmacies compliant with all regulatory governing bodies. Founded for independent pharmacies, Pharmacy First provides the strength and leverage pharmacies need to successfully compete in an ever-changing environment. The PF C.A.R.E.S. compliance program includes policies and procedures for HIPAA, FWA, OSHA, PSE and pharmacy operations, automatic OIG/SAM exclusion checks, reminders for license renewals and quality assurance.

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On November 27, 2023, requirements set forth by the U.S. FDA will go into effect regarding the Drug Supply Chain Security Act. After extensively researching a multitude of service providers, we are pleased to partner with TraceLink and PRS to provide our member pharmacies with a full-service DSCSA solution that will help them maintain compliance with the FDA regulations.

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