CP Specialty Pharmacy Services™

Drug spending on specialty medications is projected to reach 60% of total industry spend by 2020, and while there were only 10 specialty drugs on the market in 1990, nearly 300 specialty drugs are available today and 700 are under development. As the specialty pharmaceuticals market is expected to continue growing rapidly for the foreseeable future, Value Drug developed CP Specialty Pharmacy Services™ to help members expand their business and remain competitive.

The CP Specialty Pharmacy Services program is available to members at no cost to enroll and provides retail pharmacies with the valuable services and resources that prescribers, payers, manufacturers, and patients expect when specialty pharmaceuticals become part of a patient’s treatment plan. With CP Specialty Pharmacy Services, independent pharmacies can provide services locally instead of through an outside resource or pharmacy in another state. The CP Specialty Pharmacy Services program contributes to the pharmacist being viewed as a full-service provider, which helps enhance the patient-pharmacist relationship.

CP Specialty Pharmacy Services is priced competitively and includes:

  • Management of the Prior Authorization process

  • Financial assistance research for patient co-pays over $100

  • Welcome-to-therapy phone calls detailing drug and disease clinical management

  • Ongoing clinical support and refill reminder phone calls

  • 24/7 patient assistance call line

Value Drug understands the importance of establishing relationships with local prescribers, and we provide sales support training and marketing materials to assist pharmacies in promoting the CP Specialty Pharmacy Services program. In the event that CP Specialty Pharmacy Services cannot assist you due to network lockouts or limited drug access, Value Specialty Pharmacy will serve as your primary outlet for specialty medications.