CP Specialty Pharmacy Services®

The CP Specialty Services program® is available at no cost to enroll and provides independent pharmacies with the valuable services and resources that prescribers, payers, manufacturers, and patients expect when specialty medications become part of a patient’s treatment plan. With CP Specialty Services, independent pharmacies can provide services locally instead of through an outside resource or specialty pharmacy. The CP Specialty Services program contributes to the pharmacist being viewed as a full-service provider, which helps enhance the patient-pharmacist relationship.

CP Specialty Services is priced competitively and includes:

  • Management of the Prior Authorization process

  • Financial assistance research for patient co-pays over $50

  • Welcome-to-Therapy phone calls detailing drug and disease clinical management

  • Ongoing support including refill reminder phone calls

  • 24/7 patient assistance after-hours service

We understand the importance of establishing relationships with local prescribers and provide sales support training and marketing materials to assist pharmacies in promoting the CP Specialty Services program. If CP Specialty Services cannot assist an independent pharmacy due to network lockouts or limited drug access, Value Specialty Pharmacy can serve as the specialty pharmacy for your patient.

To learn more or sign up, email us at [email protected] today!