Value Drug is a full-line wholesaler with an immense inventory of more than 25,000 products that specifically cater to the needs of every pharmacy setting. Through our Preferred Generic Program, we offer a vast assortment of generic pharmaceuticals at low prices, as well as Day 1 generic drug launches. In addition, Value Drug provides a sizeable selection of brand pharmaceuticals at great prices and Day 1 brand drug launches. We also carry a variety of specialty pharmaceuticals, and provide our members with an option to facilitate continuity of care with specialty drugs that are inaccessible due to manufacturer or payer restrictions through Value Specialty Pharmacy. With our Seasons by Value Drug Company program, members have access to a vast assortment of high-quality, hand-selected seasonal merchandise and everyday gift items that can increase your pharmacy’s front-end business.

Product Listing

Value Drug offers a wide variety of products, including brand, generic and specialty pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter products, home health care, long-term care supplies, health, beauty and wellness, as well as seasonal and everyday gifts.

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Contract Administration

Value Drug members have the ability to access contract administration services that provide the tools and resources required to successfully navigate an ever-changing marketplace. We work with several service providers and group purchasing organizations (GPOs), which offer multiple contracts in order to ensure members receive the best possible price for all their pharmacy’s needs.

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Proprietary Unique Product Purchasing Opportunities

Each year Value Drug holds several events that give members the opportunity to engage directly with our suppliers, view thousands of items, learn about new products being introduced, and check out the latest trends in seasonal and gift merchandise.

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Office Supply Program

Value Drug has partnered with an industry-leading office supply company to provide members with savings on business supplies, from paper and pens to desks and chairs.

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Customer Service

Value Drug is committed to providing the highest level of customer support. Whether you have a basic question or need help with a more complicated issue, our experienced, knowledgeable team of customer service professionals is available to assist you.

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