Value Health Center

Value Health Center provides Value Drug members with the products, resources, programs, and services that help independent community pharmacies compete with pharmacy chain stores. Through our OTC Private Label Program, pharmacies can offer their customers an extensive selection of high-quality over-the-counter products that are comparable to brand-name items at a low price while realizing high profit margins. With forward-thinking programs and services, such as telemedicine, lab tests and immunizations, Value Health Center enables pharmacies to offer patients and customers a one-stop shop that addresses all their healthcare needs.

Clinical Services

Value Health Center incorporates several clinical services and programs designed to provide our member pharmacies with a competitive advantage while serving your community as a healthcare destination. This is why we have added the Value Kit to help you create your healthcare pharmacy.

  • Telemedicine Program

    Value Drug has partnered with a leading telehealth company to offer telemedicine services to our member pharmacies and their customers. Telemedicine helps alleviate the lengthy delays that patients must often endure in order to access primary care providers and healthcare specialists. The Value Health Center Telemedicine Program uses a Web-based platform that enables patients to consult with a U.S.-trained, board-certified physician or healthcare professional through a secure, private, online video connection from a laptop, tablet, smart phone, or telemedicine kiosk. Learn More

  • Phlebotomy & Lab Tests

    The lab services that Value Drug offers to our members present excellent opportunities for pharmacies to increase revenue and foot traffic while providing valuable services to their patients and customers. Pharmacy Laboratory Service (PharmaLabS) is a Health Network Laboratories (HNL) program that offers phlebotomy services at select independent pharmacies, while Ulta Lab Tests provides direct, low-cost lab testing without a prescription. Learn More

  • Immunization Program

    Value Drug’s Adult Immunization Program is available at no cost to our member pharmacies and pharmacists in Delaware, Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, where we have agreements with protocol physicians and CDC-approved signed standing orders to administer the common vaccines approved by the Board of Pharmacy in these states. Our online immunization platform enables pharmacies to record vaccine administration and submit the information to the appropriate physician, as well as track enrolled pharmacists’ credentials and licenses for renewal. Learn More

  • Point-of-Care Testing (POCT)

    POCT is predicted to exceed immunizations as a driver for revenue for community pharmacies. When it comes to strep or the flu, time is of the essence. Traditional doctor’s visits can take too long to schedule and urgent care facilities can get backed up. With POCT, you can test for both strep and the flu with a simple oral swab or nasal test that offers reliable results within minutes. If the results are negative, pharmacy staff can assist the patient with OTC products that can help alleviate the symptoms. If the results are positive, pharmacy staff will contact the patient’s PCP or assist the patient with arranging a telemedicine visit to obtain a prescription. In either case, you are the first and last stop for your patients. Learn More

OTC Private Label Program

Through Value Drug’s OTC Private Label Program, Value Health Center offers an extensive selection of high-quality products with attractive packaging and considerable profit margins. With over 1,000 items spanning nearly 50 product categories, our line of OTC products can meet or exceed the quality of brand-name products at a fraction of the price.

Our OTC Private Label Program enables Value Drug to obtain large quantities of items that many individual pharmacies may not be able to secure themselves. By breaking down case packs we can offer a single item, such as a bottle of aspirin, at a price that enables pharmacies to remain competitive.