In a world of growing technology, Value Drug recognizes the importance of electronic marketing and provides members with the resources and solutions they need to attract customers, generate traffic in their pharmacies and increase sales. Through strategic partnerships with key service providers, Value Drug has negotiated low rates to offer members the ability to build websites, utilize social media and create email marketing campaigns. As consumers become increasingly reliant on technology for information gathering, it has become critically important to establish an online presence to remain competitive and top-of-mind with customers of your pharmacy.


SnapRx is a comprehensive, user-friendly marketing communication platform that provides independent pharmacies with the email marketing, social media, website design, and e-commerce capabilities they need in order to compete with pharmacy chain stores. Through the SnapRx platform, independent pharmacies have access to advanced marketing automation services that allow them to promote products, engage customers and increase store traffic at an affordable price.

Some of the services that SnapRx provides include:

  • Email Marketing

    Choose from a wide variety of professionally designed, pre-written clinical templates that include personalization, automatic email response and scannable coupon options

  • Social Media

    Manage your social media accounts in one place and save time with ready-to-post clinical content, graphics and stock images

  • Responsive Websites

    Fully responsive, mobile-friendly websites featuring your pharmacy’s branding allow you to design pages and schedule updates while customizing search engine optimization (SEO) to attract new patients to your pharmacy

  • E-Commerce

    Sell through email with PayPal or create a fully functional e-commerce store with SnapRx and Shopify

  • Print and Digital Circular Program

    Utilize drag-and-drop functionality to create store circulars featuring Value Drug product images, purchase buttons and scannable coupons, and deliver via email or print flyer


iMarketRx is a full-service social media, marketing and consulting company focused on providing marketing solutions for independent community pharmacies. iMarketRx can help enhance your current marketing strategy by incorporating email, social media management, branding and website design services with a cost structure mindful of your pharmacy’s bottom line.

Some of the services that iMarketRx provides include:

  • Mobile- and search engine-friendly websites

  • All-inclusive cost-effective marketing services
    • Website design and ongoing maintenance
    • Print and digital Communications
    • Social media content development, daily management and strategy
    • Overall marketing consultation and partnership
  • Customized service at an affordable monthly price