The environment for the delivery of prescription drug services and the management of medication use is changing. Provided by Pharmacy Quality Solutions, Inc. (PQS), EQuIPP (Electronic Quality Improvement Platform for Plans & Pharmacies) is a performance information management platform that collects data monthly from most payers so pharmacies are aware of how well they are performing with each payer.

EQuIPP provides consistent and reliable measurements and reporting on medication use, including quality measures that address medication adherence and patient safety, and provides this information to health plans and community pharmacies in a format that is easy to understand. As a result, EQuIPP helps foster an environment in which prescription drug plans and community pharmacies can engage in strategic relationships to address improvements in the quality of medication use.

EQuIPP provides pharmacists with the information they need to assess their patients’ quality of care and understand how pharmacists’ care impacts the greater healthcare system in which they operate.