Value Drug is an authorized 340B distributor that provides prescription drug products required by both covered entities and contract pharmacies. The 340B program enables pharmacies to fill prescriptions and collect a consistent, profitable dispensing fee, and helps offset lower pharmacy reimbursements in Medicaid, Medicare and other commercial drug programs. Additionally, 340B allows pharmacies to assist covered entities in raising much-needed funds to meet the needs of low-income, uninsured and underinsured patients, and provide these patients with additional services.

Virtual Replenishment

Value Drug’s proprietary virtual replenishment (VR) inventory management system is integrated seamlessly into your existing operation to ensure that filled prescription products are not sent back to the pharmacy if those products have already been reordered. Instead, the VR system recognizes that a product has already been reordered and will issue a credit to the pharmacy for the replacement of the medication. Virtual Replenishment prevents the accumulation of excess inventory and enables pharmacies to better control their cash flow.

Contract Pharmacies

Value Drug takes a consultative approach to navigating the complexities associated with participating in the 340B program as a contract pharmacy. We understand the operational and financial nuances associated with the 340B program and how they impact an independent community pharmacy. Value Drug offers unique services tailored to independent pharmacies and actively pursues opportunities for growth and expansion of the 340B pharmacy network.

Some of the 340B services that we provide include:

  • Education & Consulting

  • Proprietary Inventory Management Solutions

  • Financial Modeling & Analytics for Contracting Entities

  • Contract Review

Covered Entities

With innovative products and flexibility, Value Drug can meet covered entities’ need to facilitate continuity and ease of the 340B program while offering support within the ever-changing 340B regulatory environment. Value Drug strives to be a leader at the forefront of an integral supply chain that promotes continuing service to patients and expanding access to prescription medications.

Some of the 340B services that we provide include:

  • Brand, Generic and Specialty Pharmaceuticals.

  • Education & Consulting

  • 340B Regulatory & Compliance Guidance

  • Flexibility & Choice