Generic Rewards Program

The Generic Rewards Program allows pharmacies to earn discounts on brand-name pharmaceutical purchases based on the percentage of generic pharmaceuticals they purchase each month. The program calculates your pharmacy’s generic mix, represented as a percentage of generic prescription purchases of all prescription drug purchases, on a monthly basis. The more generics you purchase, the greater your discount will be on brand-name pharmaceuticals.

Tracking Your Rewards

We created a section on ValueDrugHub, our online ordering system and account management portal, which enables you to quickly and easily view and track your progress with the Generic Rewards Program.

This section includes information such as:

  • Purchases for the current month

  • Generic Mix for items invoiced through the past day

  • Estimated purchases for the month based on month-to-date purchasing habits

  • Projected Generic Mix based on projected purchasing habits

Projecting Your Rewards

Within the Generic Rewards section, we developed an interactive tool that enables you to create “what if” scenarios to calculate the percentage or dollar volume needed to increase your tiered reward based on your projected purchasing habits. With this tool, you can add or subtract a straight dollar amount from your Monthly Projection, or enter a desired Generic Mix percentage. When you enter a Generic Mix percentage, the system will automatically calculate and display the dollar amount required to meet that percentage.