Value Specialty Pharmacy

A wholly owned subsidiary of Value Drug Company, Value Specialty Pharmacy (VSP) was established in 2011 to enable a Value Drug member pharmacy to enroll as a VSP Authorized Care Site and obtain the ability to fill specialty prescriptions without utilizing traditional mail order. Pharmacies designated as VSP Authorized Care Sites can facilitate continuity of care with specialty pharmaceuticals that they are unable to access due to manufacturer or payer restrictions. Dually accredited by both URAC and ACHC, VSP is a preferred choice for pharmacies specializing in medications for chronic illnesses.

VSP Authorized Care Site Benefits

As a VSP Authorized Care Site, your patients’ specialty prescriptions will be adjudicated and filled by VSP and shipped to your pharmacy or where specified, greatly reducing the risk of losing patients to traditional mail-order, PBM- or chain-owned specialty pharmacies. VSP provides Authorized Care Sites with valuable services for medications that require extensive counseling, data reporting to payers or manufacturers and 24/7 clinical accessibility, and serves as a clinical asset for complex disease state counseling.

Some of the benefits of Authorized Care Sites include:

  • Continuity of care

  • Knowledgeable staff who understand the challenges of specialty pharmacy and support independent pharmacy

  • Prior Authorization assistance

  • Patient support and 24/7 clinical accessibility

  • Refill and welcome-to-therapy calls

  • High-quality phone metrics with minimal wait times

Specialty Pharmacy Expansion

Strategically located near the FedEx hub in Memphis, the Restore RX location offers increased opportunities for late fills with next-day delivery. The integration of Restore RX into VSP’s current operations allows VSP to now offer a wider range of specialty pharmacy services that encompass most of the major therapeutic areas of the market segment.

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